Should I Buy or Lease?

After Pleasanton drivers have chosen a new vehicle they like, many end up asking themselves an important question: Should I buy or lease? There are favorable reasons to do either, so answering that question really depends upon your priorities. Lexus of Pleasanton covers lease vs. buying options at our finance center below!

Lease vs. Buying: Reasons to Lease

Leasing a vehicle is basically borrowing it from the dealership under a timed contract, generally for around two years. Here are some reasons why Fremont drivers elect to lease:

  • Lower Payments: Both the down payment and the monthly payments on a lease are lower than they would be when financing the same car. It’s the budget-friendly option!
  • Lower Taxes: The sales tax on a lease vehicle is, in most states, significantly lower than when you’re buying a vehicle.
  • Coverage: A dealership leasing you a vehicle wants it to stay in good condition, so they’ll give you great coverage on repairs.
  • Lots of Vehicle Options: Because of the aforementioned lower payments, drivers who want a variety of luxury options and all the latest technologies should choose to lease! You can also trade-in your lease at the end-of-term for a new one, making a lease a great option for drivers who like to try out different types of vehicles.

Lease vs. Buying: Reasons to Buy

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to leasing, but why do Dublin and Livermore drivers choose to buy a vehicle? Let’s look at the perks of financing a car:

  • No Restrictions: A lease comes with plenty of restrictions — on mileage and modifications, for example. But ownership means not having to worry about any of those, because the vehicle is yours!
  • Less Cost Over Time: You may enter your prospective vehicle into an online payment calculator and find the payments to be higher than a lease, but financing to own means that, at a certain point, the car is yours and you don’t have to put forward any payments.
  • Ability to Sell: You have to give a lease back to a dealership, but being able to sell your property to anyone means you have some return on your investment should you want a different vehicle.
  • Financing Options: Lease terms are pretty rigid, but a good finance center like the one at Lexus of Pleasanton can negotiate low-credit car financing, refinancing, and more to give you several great options!

Lease vs. Buying at Lexus of Pleasanton

At Lexus of Pleasanton, we’re all about providing options to Pleasanton-area drivers. We’ve got regional offers and special lease offers in addition to a secure online finance application that’ll help you save on one of our new vehicles. If you’re still wondering, “Should I buy or lease?” or have any questions about your options here, contact us today!

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