How to Change the Battery in a Lexus Key Fob

Have you been experiencing issues with your Lexus key fob when attempting to unlock and lock your vehicle in Fremont? If these functions and more aren’t working properly, the cause is likely a dying Lexus key battery. These batteries are designed to last for 1 – 2 years, but like all batteries, they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Learn how to change the battery in a Lexus key fob with the service team at Lexus of Pleasanton, below!

Signs You Need a Lexus Key Battery Replacement

When the engine is stopped, you may hear a low-battery alert from inside the cabin of your Lexus when the key fob battery is low. Other signs that it’s time to get a Lexus key battery replacement include:

  • Your Lexus’s Smart Access system and/or the push button start isn’t functioning properly
  • You have to be closer to your vehicle than usual in order for the proximity detection to work
  • The LED indicator light on the key won’t turn on

Four Simple Steps for Lexus Key Battery Replacement

Before learning how to change the battery in a Lexus key fob, prepare yourself for the process by getting a flathead screwdriver and a CR2032 lithium battery. You can purchase these batteries online or from a hardware or auto parts store in Dublin or Livermore.

  1. Push the release button on the side of the key fob, then remove the emergency key blade stored inside.
  2. Place the tip of the flathead screwdriver in the now open space that was housing the key blade. Apply gentle pressure to pop the key fob cover plate off.
  3. There may be an electronic key module covering the battery. If so, remove that first, then pop the old battery out with the screwdriver.
  4. Put the new CR2032 battery in place with the plus side facing up. Replace the electronic key module and pop the key fob cover plate back into place.

Be sure to test the key fob to ensure the new battery is working. If you still can’t get the key fob to function properly, you may need to schedule a service appointment to have one of our service techs take a look.

How to Reduce Key Fob Battery Drainage

Always on the leading edge, Lexus actually provides a battery-saving mode designed to help reduce battery drainage in your key fob! You can set it up to prevent the key from receiving radio waves, thus reducing battery depletion:

  1. Hold down the LOCK button while simultaneously pressing the UNLOCK button two times.
  2. The electronic key indicator should flash four times. This confirms that battery-saving mode has been activated.
  3. When you’re ready to resume use of the Smart Access system and push-button start, just press any button on the key fob!

Turn to Lexus of Pleasanton for Lexus Key Fob Service & More

With any additional questions about Lexus key battery replacement, please contact us online or give us a call at 925-401-3565. Our Lexus specialists are always happy to assist! For more helpful tips and tricks, be sure to visit our online Lexus information hub.

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