What Color is Transmission Fluid?

Asking yourself “what color is transmission fluid?” You’re not alone! This is a very common inquiry among Fremont and Dublin car owners. If there is red fluid leaking from your car, it could very well be transmission fluid, which has a translucent quality and is dark red in color. Learn more about how to identify transmission fluid with the service pros from the Lexus of Pleasanton service department!

What Does the Color of Your Transmission Fluid Mean?

What color is transmission fluid when it’s brand-new versus when it’s been subjected to some mileage? As time passes, the brand-new quality and color of transmission fluid will change and it will begin to darken. It can also take on a darker color as a result of contaminants getting past the transmission filter. Use the guide below to learn more about what the color of your transmission fluid can tell you:

  • Freshly replaced fluid: Dark red
  • Fluid color with normal vehicle use: Darker brick red
  • Anticipate a service appointment soon: Deep blood red/rust red
  • Schedule a service appointment immediately: Burnt/nearly black

Why is There Red Fluid Leaking From My Car?

If there’s a red fluid leaking from your car, you more than likely have a transmission fluid leak. When you can’t go by appearance, here are some other identifiers of a transmission fluid leak:

  • Smell: Fresh transmission fluid has a smell similar to petroleum. If the fluid’s odor has a burnt quality, it needs to be changed.
  • Touch: Transmission fluid is oily and slick to the touch, similar to engine oil or brake fluid.
  • Origination: Where is the leak coming from? Transmission fluid leaks usually occur in the front of the vehicle toward the middle.

Keep Up with Transmission Maintenance

Follow these helpful tips to keep transmission issues at bay:

  • Use the Correct Transmission Fluid: It’s essential to use the manufacturer-recommended transmission fluid for your vehicle. You can find this information in the owner’s manual.
  • Genuine Parts: If you need to replace any part of the transmission, ensure genuine OEM parts are being used.
  • Don’t Skip Maintenance: Adherence to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule is vital, and that includes keeping up with transmission service intervals. Checking your fluid regularly can help catch issues before they snowball, as well as help to prevent the issues in the first place.

Get Reliable Transmission Service at Lexus of Pleasanton!

If there is red fluid leaking from your car, schedule a service appointment with Lexus of Pleasanton. We’re just a short drive from Livermore and our certified technicians have the skills and experience to keep your vehicle running smoothly. We even offer rotating service specials to make essential maintenance visits more affordable!

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