If you're looking for a combination of luxury and efficiency, Lexus hybrids have probably caught your eye. The Lexus design and engineering team has produced a Lexus hybrid lineup that can meet many needs in Pleasanton and Fremont. Lexus of Pleasanton covers Lexus hybrids below!

Lexus UX Hybrid

The Lexus UX Hybrid represents the long, dedicated work of Lexus designers in coming up with an unparalleled Lexus hybrid SUV. With an EPA-estimated mpg city/hwy/combined of 41/38/39, the UX Hybrid has earned glowing reviews and also features:

  • Best-In-Class Turning Radius of 17.1 ft
  • Triple-Beam LED Headlamps
  • Power Rear Door with Kick Sensor

Lexus NX Hybrid

If you're looking for a bigger, slightly more powerful Lexus hybrid SUV, the Lexus NX Hybrid might be for you. The NX sports an EPA-estimated mpg city/hwy/combined 33/30/31. This hybrid SUV doesn't skimp on luxury, keeping your Dublin passengers happy with:

  • Stadium-style rear seats with power folding and reclining
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Class-Leading Lexus Safety System+ 2.0

Lexus RX Hybrid

Want an extremely spacious Lexus hybrid SUV? As the largest SUV in the Lexus Hybrid lineup, the Lexus RX Hybrid proves that large vehicles can still prioritize efficiency. Featuring an EPA-estimated mpg city/hwy/combined 31/28/30, the RX also comes with the comfort and luxury you'd hope for:

  • Total system 308 hp
  • Available power-folding seats for 32.7 cubic feet of cargo space
  • All-Wheel Drive

Lexus ES Hybrid

A starter Lexus hybrid sedan, the Lexus ES Hybrid boasts an EPA-estimated mpg city/hwy/combined 43/44/44. You won't have to stop frequently at the Livermore service station, so you can enjoy your drives with:

  • Lexus Hybrid Drive technology
  • Hybrid-Acoustics™ Sound Dampening
  • Class-leading legroom

Lexus LS Hybrid

Not only does the Lexus LS Hybrid help you save with an EPA-estimated mpg city/hwy/combined 25/33/28, it also shows drivers what a truly high-performance Lexus hybrid sedan feels like. Other performance and design perks of the Hybrid V6 engine include:

  • Total system 354 hp
  •  0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds
  • 10-speed automatic transmission

Lexus LC Hybrid

One of the most striking-looking hybrid coupes on the market, the Lexus LC Hybrid is now available for those who want an eco-friendly engine on their sports coupe. The high performance of this Lexus hybrid coupe comes with a Lexus Multistage Hybrid powertrain that delivers an EPA-estimated mpg city/hwy/combined 26/34/29. Other features include:

  • Total system 354 hp
  • Driver-inspired cockpit with high-back sports seats
  • Carbon fiber components for a lightweight roof and low center of gravity

Drive the Lexus Hybrid Lineup Today!

Think you know which of these Lexus hybrids is best for you? These features and details just scratch the surface of all that's great about innovative Lexus vehicles. Pleasanton drivers can drive one for themselves at Lexus of Pleasanton, where we're proud to have a range of Lexus hybrids among our special offers. Contact us today to set up a test drive!